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Published: 7 January 2021

Blossom Avenue’s Kitchen Trends for 2021

If 2020 was the year that everything changed, then 2021 is the year we responded through design and style. How we live in the heart of our homes has completely changed; we’re being more creative, we have storage needs that go beyond pots and pans, and we need to make our kitchens work for everything from home schooling to date night.

Here’s what we see trending for kitchens in 2021.

Get Smart

Technological advances are increasingly being incorporated into kitchen design, either from scratch when starting afresh or intelligently being added-in for convenience to an older kitchen. From hot water taps and smart phone-controlled lighting to motion sensors and the high-tech gadgets, the key is integration. Just because new devices and equipment are available, doesn’t mean we want them all on display…

Streamlined Aesthetic

Smart storage is the key to ensuring the much-coveted simplistic and clean look is achieved. Hidden and well-planned storage and integration of appliances keeps your kitchen clutter-free – kitchen pantries are hugely popular as are cutting-edge downdraft extractors that remove the visual barrier of an overhead fan. Avoiding disruption to your aesthetic through these means helps to reduce any stress caused by mess – especially important at a time when many spaces have doubled or even tripled-up as an office and classroom, as well as a dining and kitchen area.

Calm and Collected

Soothing and serene colour schemes including those featuring blush pinks, greens and subtle grey will add to the calm atmosphere facilitated by a streamlined aesthetic. Classic white will always be on trend, but these soft colours will bring a new depth while maintaining a bright and airy space, particularly to those not-so blessed with natural light in their kitchens. Pantone announced their colour tones for 2021 are “Illuminating” yellow, and “Ultimate Grey” – giving us a sense of hope and serenity for the year.

Dark and Dramatic

On the other hand, dark surfaces and cabinets in jewel and earthy tones create a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere in a kitchen, complemented by lighter furniture or brighter spaces to ensure the room is not made smaller. Plum, emerald, navy and black particularly complement the industrial trend that continues to rise and can enhance a space for the more daring of homeowners. For those who are a little more intrepid, two-toned kitchens are still on trend for 2021, adding an interesting twist to your aesthetic and providing a way to incorporate dramatic depth and space.

Taps that Wow

Add to your industrial look with a black tap, or let it shine in polished brass with unusual handles. Taps are increasingly becoming a kitchen gadget and design addition, serving much more than the standard and functional purpose. Features include motion sensors, instant hot water and even taps that retract into your surfaces.

Written by: Blossom Avenue

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