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Top 5 Tips to Make your Kitchen the Heart of the Home

Published: 15 February 2021

Our Blossom Avenue kitchen designers are finding more and more of us want our kitchens to be a social space, the place where the family can gather to enjoy time together and not be dispersed around the house. And, when we’re allowed again, a place where we can entertain and be social with friends at any time of the day.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your new kitchen to make it the heart of your home.

Open Up

To have a truly sociable heart of the home, you need to open that space up. It’s one of the most popular design decisions at home of recent years, because it is not only made for socialising and entertaining but means parents can keep an eye on kids! It is worth really thinking about whether open plan is best for you and those you live with, as our ambassador Patrick Bradley says; “where open plan is open and connected, broken plan is the latest trend that has been accelerated by life at home in the past year. It creates cosy corners and affords more privacy, especially when you’re in the house day in, day out.”

In the Zone

So, if you do go for open plan, have a think about the different areas you want to incorporate. The usual are kitchen, dining and living; a place to cook, eat and relax. Maybe you’ll want your kitchen to be more of the focal point and where you want people to gravitate towards, or maybe your living space needs to be more of a playroom than relaxation area. Use the space wisely and think of every nook as a potential zone to incorporate what each person at home needs from the space.

No Man is an Island

We seem to naturally surround the island when we’re at home, whether we’re prepping or cooking together or just catching up. Choosing to have an island for practical reasons will give you more storage options, but aesthetically, it will give you the heart of your kitchen. It’s also the part of your kitchen where you can be adventurous with your style; you could choose a different cabinet colour or worktop from your wall cabinets, have the sink integrated into the island, or even hang pendant lighting over it to truly make it the central piece that draws the eye.

Apply your appliances

A social kitchen will usually be in a social home, and therefore you want your appliances to work with you and make your space even more hospitable. Think about a built-in coffee machine, maybe you need two ovens if you’re an avid cook and entertain a lot, or you need to think about a fridge/freezer that doesn’t hum all day and interrupt conversations!

Clear the clutter

Storage will always be the number one necessity for a space that has many uses. Think about including separate pieces of furniture such as a dresser which displays your glasses beautifully, a sideboard that can hold a mountain of toys as well as extra serving plates and to add some style, fix some open shelving that can display all your favourite recipe books and kitchen bits and pieces. These pieces will add to the over all style giving your kitchen even more heart.

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