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Top 5 Summer Kitchen Trends in 2021

Published: 27 July 2021

With new trends continuously emerging within kitchens, we have been exploring the current Summer trends in 2021. From colours to concepts to practicality, we have chosen our top five Summer kitchen trends. Check them out below.

  1. Dark Kitchens

A rising trend for Summer 2021 is dark kitchens. Dark colours are being used on kitchen cabinets to act as an accent colour that is inviting, adds charm, character and also adds a contemporary feel to a home. When dark kitchens are used in a home, a popular trend adopted is to add colourful and bright furniture or decorational pieces to contrast against the kitchen and make the whole room grab your guest’s attention.

  1. Smart Storage

With a kitchen being an area of the home where we have many items that needs stored away carefully, it is advantageous and well desired to include smart storage within your kitchen design. Concealed, smart storage is a growing trend due to its aesthetic appeal and keeps the kitchen with a simplistic but well balanced structure. We recently launched our Tallstor storage which offers cool contrasts and a beautifully simple storage solution. With three different options, Tallstor offers a range of ways to enhance your kitchen. Check out the following options:

  • Internal drawers matching the cabinet colour
  • Internal drawers matching the drawer boxes
  • Integra style internal drawers matching the frontal colour

Tallstor is the ideal storage solution for your next kitchen.

  1. Brassy Finishes

The beautiful warming tones of brass are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary style kitchens. The brass accent adds an enhancement to your kitchen cabinet to create a striking and sophisticated look. Our InRail True Handleless kitchen range adds a captivating design that will bring beauty through a fantastic finish in your home. We launched a new rail colour called brushed brass, which would be perfect for this current trend.

  1. Bold Colours

Bold is better. We totally agree with this statement! When designing a new kitchen, you want your kitchen to be the talking point of your dinner party, the room in your home that everyone falls in love with and the true envy of any family dinner. With this in mind, bold colours are very popular in Summer 2021. Choosing a bold colour for our kitchen creates a statement and oozes instant personality of your home. We recently launched our Bella Matt Blush Pink kitchen which is a bold and beautiful colour that will leave your kitchen feeling pretty in pink.

  1. Handleless Design

One of the biggest kitchen trends throughout the whole of 2021 is handleless kitchen design. With recessed handles providing a sleek and minimalist look, this offers a free flowing, simple, spacious and modern kitchen design. Check out some of our True Handleless kitchens below. Simplistic, strongly structured and simply stunning.

With new kitchen trends constantly emerging, we are excited to see the new, fresh ideas that the industry will create in the upcoming months. Browse our beautiful Blossom Avenue range today and find your dream kitchen that you will fall in love with here.

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Written by: Blossom Avenue

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