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Our favourite kitchen plants

Published: 11 August 2020

You already know the benefits of having plants around the house to purify the air… and they look fantastic too! Don’t discount the kitchen as a base for your green friends. They will thrive, as long as you choose the right ones. Here are our top five picks of the plants.


Growing herbs in your kitchen is not only fulfilling, but it means you have fresh flavours on hand when you’re cooking. They’re easy to grow indoors and look really pretty on the windowsill.


Adding a splash of colour to your kitchen, lavender smells great and can be known to actually repel flies during those pesky summer months. Plus, you could brew up some lavender tea for bedtime!


The perfect option for livening up the top of cabinets as they trail down beautifully and provide a bit of a stylish focal point. They’re easy to care for as they thrive in humidity but make sure you’re also getting plenty of natural light in your kitchen for them to really make a mark.

Aloe Vera

They’re a striking option and will look particularly brilliant in a contemporary style kitchen – or bring a little modernity to a traditional one. You can’t lose with an Aloe Vera, and if you happen to burn yourself cooking, just break open one of the stems and use the gel to cool and help heal!

Spider Plant

These guys are the plant that keeps on giving, as they reproduce teeny spider plant babies (we repeat plant babies, not spiders!) that you can break off and cultivate to create a completely new plant. They’ll do well in any kind of light, and can be planted in pots and kept trimmed, or allowed to trail as a hanging plant.

Written by: Blossom Avenue

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