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New Year, New Project?

Published: 11 January 2021

With life at home continuing to be the norm and the kitchen becoming more and more the heart of the home, is it time to extend beyond your current four walls? It’s easy to dream, but how do you make it a reality? We have some tips for where to begin, and how to navigate your kitchen extension…

Budget Above All Else

By now, we’re sure you know what you want to do with the space you have but how much will it cost? It is important to be really strict with your budget and communicate it to everyone you work with on this project. We’ll talk more about experts in a bit, but they will rely on your budgets to do their jobs effectively, and you want everyone singing off the same sheet on this one, trust us! Don’t forget about costs surrounding building control and planning, skips and snags, right through to your door handles and light switches. It all adds up.

Draft in an Expert

Even if you’re an expert, do not expect to be able to do it all. If you can’t afford to have the experts managing your project throughout, definitely consult them at the start. From an architect to a surveyor, they will guide you towards your budgets – or importantly, create plans that will work for the budget you have set – and towards reputable builders and tradespeople. They’re the bread and butter to your build, so don’t overlook them.


When it comes to where to buy your big purchases, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, flooring, etc. do your own research. Ask friends who you trust, read reviews, have a look at These Three Rooms and their trusted supplier list in your area. A good supplier will answer all your questions patiently, and ensure you’re well informed with what they can offer you, and why you should use them. Remember, this is your money and your home, only work with those you trust and have excellent reputations.

Dare to Dream

Here comes the best bit… watching your extension dreams become reality. Whether it’s a double storey or a simple kitchen extension, there is nothing better than seeing your plans come together before your eyes. There’s no hard and fast rule about when you should establish your dream décor, but you’ll have an idea of what you want from the beginning and again, don’t be afraid to show your builders and architect so they can advise best on lighting and socket placements that will work for your lamp, dining and sofa placements.

Design Inspo

The wonderful world wide web can be overwhelming, even though it is absolutely bursting with design and décor inspiration. Channels such as Pinterest and Instagram have taken over when it comes to aesthetically pleasing grids and boards, but nothing compares to the real thing. Start your own mood board with one thing that catches your eye for that space – it might be a kitchen tile or a door handle, a shower head or even a paint colour, and build your décor from there. Rip pages out of magazines, visit your local tile shop and get samples, and pick up those mini pots of paint to really get a feel for your creativity in real life.

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