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Make Your Kitchen Blossom!

Published: 5 November 2020

Make Your Kitchen Blossom!

For those of us who find keeping plants alive a mission in itself, faux florals and foliage are the perfect partner to busy lives. In this post, I’ll describe why the best way to make your kitchen look great is to fake it. Plus, with the fantastically realistic quality of today’s faux flora, nobody need know they’re not the real deal!

I first got into all things floral a number of years ago, but since having children I noticed that my once perfectly tended displays weren’t getting the love they needed to look their best. Over time I realised there was a real market for busy people like me who wanted the option of having botanicals without the hassle of maintenance. Enter Little Buds!

I really enjoy having nature all around inside my home as well as out, and I have created a collection of carefully curated bouquets and foliage that don’t compromise on realism but are easy to display, maintain, and store when not being used. And sneeze-free cuppas in my kitchen for pals with allergies was definitely an attraction!

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, or where you want to highlight, artificial flowers and foliage can work very well. Many real plants struggle in kitchens; cold windowsills at night, hot spots in bright sunlight or dark corners under cabinets, and that’s where faux wins through.

To add a touch of green here and there if you haven’t got much room, consider trailing ivy in a rustic pot, or a hanging fig popped on top of a high kitchen cupboard or shelf. And with the increasing trend towards open shelving instead of overhead units, there’s plenty of scope for creative genius. Check out how I styled the open shelving in the bespoke All That’s Pretty and Blossom Avenue kitchen display in Signature Store Adornas recently, over on Instagram.

Creating a touch of colour in a dark corner is a cinch too, with elegant displays that never need tending to. The beauty of faux is they don’t wilt, droop or require much more than the occasional dust with a dry cloth!

Another great bonus with artificial blooms is that you can enjoy them all year round if you like or switch it up as the mood takes you. Kitchen islands are perfect for displaying a matching bouquet for every season or holiday. A beautiful vase of blooms goes a long way in breaking up the large space visually. Equally, you could opt for peonies in January or tulips at Halloween – out of season doesn’t exist in the fabulous world of faux!

The kitchen tends to be the heart of every home, the busiest room in the house. Make yours a welcome space by decorating it with no-fuss florals and foliage that don’t add to your workload. Artificial plants and blooms provide so many choices for every style; a country kitchen might suit a pretty basket of hydrangea or romantic roses in a vintage-style vase.  A sleek, modern look could handle something more architectural like fountain grass in a metal pot or a spiky agave plant.

Chic, retro, small or large, every taste and whim is easily catered for with these realistic gems. The beauty of it is if your mood changes, you’re not stuck. Just pop it away until next time and enjoy the novelty of the new with another easy-care faux. It’s so easy, affordable and perfect for every kitchen!

Written by: Laura-Ann Barr

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