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Dark Coloured Kitchens

Published: 10 September 2020

Dark and Stormy

We’ve had a pretty glorious spring and summer, weather wise and all things considered… but now that the darker nights are closing in, are you getting drawn to the dark side? Our Blossom Avenue retailers are noticing customers get bolder with their kitchen colour choices, and while wood and lighter greys will never go out of fashion, darker greens, plums and black are definitely on the mood boards for the heart of the home.

We have a few ideas on how to take a tentative dip or just jump right in to the darker side of kitchen life…

Elegant monochrome – This versatile mix of black and white in the kitchen can be as simplistic or as quirky to your tastes. Create an elegant art deco theme with Black kitchen doors and black & white geometric tiles. For a simple upgrade to a kitchen of any size maximise the light in the room with white tiles with coloured grouting in black, charcoal or grey for a classic yet dramatic change.

Exposed shelves – The larder style is making a comeback and is a way to break up a dark colour palette while still complementing the contemporary style you are looking for with black. Shelving is also a great way to show off any glassware or ornaments to give your kitchen a bit of personality. Turn your exposed shelving into a feature wall in between your dark cabinets by using a contrasting material such as wood or stainless steel in the corner of your kitchen, or wherever catches your eye and stack it with items that mean the most to you.

Colour pop – Have fun with dark colours by mixing them with a pop of colour such as neon pink lighting, brightly coloured blinds in a fresh colour, a vibrant coloured piece of artwork or brightly coloured kitchen accessories. You could even contrast cabinets and island with varying dark colours, just like our Kombu Green or Matt Plum.

Versatility – The beauty of black and very dark cabinets is its versatility. Black can work with any kitchen appliances or accessories, so no need to buy these items again after a renovation or move. If you have been sworn off dark colours because of its ‘high maintenance’ persona then anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant finishes could just be for you.



Written by: Patrick Bradley

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